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Orthostaggio - normal keysets arranged in ortho way

The Orthostaggio concept is a combination of an ortholinear and a staggered keyboard, resolving keycap compatibility problems for ortho boards.

The author wanted to be able to use all the mods from different keycap sets without going staggered. Orthostaggio is a solution to that problem by utilizing the mods of an ANSI keyset normally wasted by users of ortholinear and unique physical layouts.

PekkaJukkasson's oroginal post about Orthostaggio: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/ebh0kc/orthostaggio/fb4q569

Although this keyboard is only a concept/prototype due to the incompatibility of the 3 mm thick acrylic plate and plate mounted stabilizers, furthermore, a very similar project was already done in 2017 by ND1BV, todays Nerd Award is well deserved for raising of awareness for keycap compatibility issues and suggesting a solution for that.