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Behind the scenes of Issue 8

I compile these digests for some time now and thought it would be interesting to share what's going on behind the scenes.

Well, filtering all the spam on r/mk takes a lot of time. Still, some improvements were made behind the scenes. Let's see what exactly happened in the editorial room!

Just think about it: more than 2000 posts are published every week nowadays on r/mk alone.

Users eager to keep their sanity order these post by popularity to avoid the torrent of spam. But take a look at the upvotes of posts chosen for his issue (KBD issue 8): some of them are flying under the radar with barely any upvotes, and you may miss a lot of them this way.

The truth is, if a post can't gain some popularity in the first hour after publication, it is barely seen by the majority of reddit users.

On the other hand, as the editor, I have to browse through all the posts - no cutoffs.

Even if this process takes a lot of time, I managed to finish some improvements of the editorial system:

  • Some major tweaks of the script generating the cover image.
  • Post evaluation rules: I made an objective test/checklist/algorithm to evaluate and rank posts. This includes factors like: importance, impact, physical layout (ergo boards are rewarded), documentation quality, open source files, etc.
  • Archive of older issues. (Navigation is not yet published.)
  • An icon added to the cover to raise attention for the voting.

And here are some upcoming improvements or features:

  • Navigation between issues.
  • Covers on the homepage.
  • Newsletter subscription.
  • Patreon link on the homepage.
  • New tag system (quicker).
  • Well, these were some tidbits from the editorial room I thought would be interesting for some of you.

    See you next week!

    Cheers, dovenyi

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