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Behind the scenes of Issue 12

This week I've written some guides, updated some others and started to write a bunch of yet anothers. Surprisingly, I still managed to finish a whole lot developments in regards of the magazine.

This week I've written some guides and updated some other guides and tutorials: Pro Micro write-ups facelifted + a new piece on the Pro Micro's mystic J1 solder jumper.

Still, simultaneously with digging through 2480 posts on r/m only, I could finish some developments:

  • Tagging and keywords completely revamped. New tag data table and switch table instead of searching in a text field. Features like tags-to-db-index table, listing, searching, display. Multitag filter.
  • Scripts to fill tables and calculate cached parameters like number of entries with the tag.
  • The MORE feature on entry subpages. (I mean the suggestions at the end of entries.) These are just random entries from the same column for now.
  • Search (delayed Ajax). Approaching 200 projects so the time has come for a search feature. Basic functionality with Ajax done, permalink function, multiword search, search term limitations, etc.
  • Cover montage aid: I've made an interface to reorder (drag&drop) images of the actual issue to aid the production of cover images.
  • Some changes to CSS.


  • Paging or autoscroll - since with the increasing number of entries things start to get out of hand.
  • Search: improvements, e.g. handling "".
  • Including early issues (1-3) into the archive... I just can't get myself to do this.
  • "More" suggestions based on common tags rather than simply the column.

Well, that's it for now!

I hope you liked Issue 12!

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