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KBD Award announcement

As a feedback for the contributors of the Keyboard Builders' Digest I'd like to announce the weekly KBD Award.

The KBD Award is given for the best post of the week. In other words, to the author whose post appearing in the most recent issue of the Keyboard Builders' Digest gets the most votes from the community.

What's awarded?

For now, this is a Golden Award on Reddit, which gives you 100 coins and Reddit Premium membership for one week(?). I'm not sure about the benefits of this except maybe the extended opportunities to pimp up your avatar.

How does it work?

  • Cast your vote in a comment after my post of the actual issue.
  • Vote for any post except ones in the columns Inspiration and Best of the rest, which are for promising but low effort posts.
  • Voting is open for 24 hours after posting an issue.
  • To make this somewhat representative, the award is only given if at least 25 votes are cast (altogether).

General considerations for voting

These are some aspects I consider when choosing content:

  • Documentation. Is there a detailed description, documentation or build log of the project available? Quality of the documentation?
  • Media. Is there a gallery, photolog, video available? Their quality?
  • Source files. Did the contributor share code or files to recreate/3D print/cut the project?
  • Effort. Time and effort put in the content?
  • Usefulness. Ergo split vs macropad, product vs concept.

Thanks for voting!

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