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Behind the scenes of Issue 24

Issue 23 follow-up, Issue 24 preparations. My kitchen scale now features a Choc white. LED power consumption test: first results & USB ports killed. [EXCLUSIVE CONTENT FOR SUPPORTERS]
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Issue 23 follow-up. The newsletter was sent to 424 subscribers and there were 40 new subscribers this week.

Also, three new supporters on board! Thanks FK caps and Someone, and special thanks to Eugenie for becoming a member (regular supporter).

However, compared to the previous one, Issue 23 went quite unnoticed. Not much response altogether, at least on r/mk. Because of the lack of initial upvotes and comments it couldn't climb high enough on the Hot list and couldn't reach a large enough audience comparable to last week's post.

No problem with that, there are such weeks sometimes and here comes Issue 24!

Issue 24 & my personal favorites

If I had to choose my favorites from Issue 24, I would say...


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