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Behind the scenes of Issue 21

Issue 21, first supporter, wallpaper montage, minor changes, underglow trial (failed), upcoming podcast appearance, logical layout design framework, etc. [EXCLUSIVE CONTENT FOR SUPPORTERS]
This is a teaser of an exclusive content only for supporters. Read the full story (7500 characters) by supporting this project.

Hey, lovely supporters and members!

We are writing history today: This is the first editorial and behind the scenes write-up exclusively for you, supporters.

It will be kind of a diary, the excerpt of my development journal about last week's happenings behind the scenes of the Keyboard Builders' Digest and other keyboard related projects.

While I've published similar write-ups on my blog in the past, from now on this will be exclusive stuff only for you, the awesome people who helped me and contributed to the project on Buymeacoffee (or anywhere else).


Read the rest of the full story (7500 characters) and access exclusive content by buying me a coffee.

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