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Prime E + Alpaca V2 + GMK DMG

This sound test was carried out and recorded by Tam Nguyen with lubed (Krytox 205G0) and filmed (TX 0.15mm films) Alpaca V2 switches on a Prime E ergo 45% keyboard. (Scroll down for more details.)
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Data sheet

KeyboardPrime E ergo 45%
Casestacked acrylic
DampeningFoam between PCB and plate
SwitchAlpaca V2
Lubedyes (Krytox 205G0)
Filmedyes (TX 0.15mm films)
StabilizersDurock V2 (Krytox 205 G0)
KeycapsGMK DMG
Keycap profileCherry
Keycap materialABS
DeskmatGMK 9009 'Circles'
AuthorTam Nguyen