GOLEM keyboard project

Vintage keycap weight & thickness comparison [WIP]

This is a list of some keycaps (of keyboards and computers/terminals) I own with weight and thickness.

As a standard, I used the "K" keycap of each keyboard for the measurement.

ModelWeight [g]Thickness [mm]
Honeywell Bull2.28
Datacoop (doubleshot)2.19
IBM 5155 / Model F2.17
Datacoop (single-plastic)2.14
Kaypro 101.51
Tatung terminal1.85
DEC LK-2011.66
Epson HX-401.40

Pic: Reuters vs other vintage keycap thickness comparison

From left to right and top to bottom: IBM 5155 portable/luggable, Honeywell terminal, Datacoop, Reuters, DEC LK-201, Tatung terminal, Kaypro 10, Epson HX-40, single plastic Datacoop.