GOLEM keyboard project

Tormentor/S.Torm46/Azimuth keyboard plates

Below you can find different versions of the plates (SVG) I designed for my recent builds.

Compared to other ergonomic keyboards like e.g. the Corne, these plates have a more aggressive columnar stagger (especially for the pinky) and some additional keys.

These designs were optimized for Hungarian with +9 vowels. You probably don't need these if you type exclusively in English, but the additional keys may come in handy for other extended latin alphabets with extra national alphas.

Also, I've found movement of the pinky is easier in the lateral direction even with stretched finger. Thus, the strange pinky cluster was born. (I moved those two hard to reach keys to a new exterior column.)

(Rotary encoders are unnecessary on an ergonomic board. While theoretically they have a lot of interesting use, I barely touch them nowadays and will probably get rid of them in my next designs.)

download plate SVGCardboard Tormentor [2018/12/17]

Non-separate split, slant angle: 13.5°.

More screw holes because this was made for cardboard prototyping.

download plate SVGTormentor [2019/09/04]

Non-separate split, slant angle: 28°.

This revision is similar to the previous one, but with 28° angle, a more aggressive columnar stagger and pinky cluster. This was made for acrylic. I wanted to make it safe and prepared a lot of screws holes. No need for all those screws though, feel free to remove some.

download plate SVGS.Torm46/Steel Tormentor [2019/09/18]

Non-separate split, slant angle: 28°, 2 rotary encoders.

This revision was made with a steel plate in mind (less screw holes). The two rotary encoders may look cool, but their position is not comfy on an ergonomic board.

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download top & bottom plateAzimuth46 [2019/12/16]

Non-separate split, slant angle: 28°, 6 rotary encoders.

The position of the top rotary encoders is still not quite ergonomic. I tried to put two others under my palms. Additionally, I've made these cutouts around the encoders which make both the 32 mm and 12 mm encoder caps look cool on the shaft.

How to tailor these plates to your fingers?

  1. Rotate back one half by the angle given in the description and delete the other half. (Eg. after rotating the S.Torm46 plate -28 degrees, you get vertical columns.)
  2. Move the columns according to your finger lengths / the desired vertical staggering.
  3. Rotate back to the desired slant angle.
  4. Duplicate and mirror the tweaked half.

I hope you can use these plates as a starting point for your own design. It would be great if you could show me what you ended up with. Put u/dovenyi somewhere in your post on r/mk to notify me.