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Keycap profiles

Recently, a great tool to compare keycap profiles was published by gtderEvan. Check out that app or you can still take a look at my old list of profiles below.

(This is largely outdated, but let's keep this page until I come up with a new one on kbd.news.)

DSSsphericalsculptedDouble shot ABS. DSS is the newly-revived profile made by Signature Plastics. Some might call DSS a sculpted version of DSA, as they are similar in many ways, including: thickness, spherical, textured top with smooth sides.
Check this at primekb
ADAsphericaluniformThe retro-inspired ADA profile has a rounded, spherical shape and slight scoop. It helps you orient your fingers on the keyboard. It’s similar to DSA profile in terms of uniformity, but noticeably different once you start typing.
More on this at drop
MT3sphericalsculptedBased on the profile from the IBM beamspring terminals of the 1970s, MT3 is fully sculpted. Many computer terminals of old were constructed with a slanted switch layout from front to back. Because of that slant, the keycaps sat at an angle atop the switches, too. This profile is a reimagination of that unique slanted build.
XDAsphericaluniformLarger top surface and sharper edges compared to DSA.
MDAsphericalsculptedBy MelGeek. Clones on Aliexpress marketed as MDA have different shape.
MAsphericaluniformhigh profile from IDOBAO (PBT, dye-sub).
HSAsphericalsculptedHSA is designed by JTK. It is based on SA, but is overall a much shorter profile. Featuring a glossy finish and produced with doubleshot ABS plastic.
More on this at JTK
and noveltykeys
G20flatuniformSuggested as 1u space keys.
Check this at pimpmykeyboard
Rama GridsphericaluniformShiny

Low profile (Choc-compatible) keycaps

Chicago Deep Dishcomplexsculpted?
Chicago Stenographercomplexsculpted?pseudoku (files)
CSL-tallcomplexsculpted?shoggot (STL)
DCJScomplexsculpted?shoggot (files)
FYF3flatuniform?shoggot (files)
FredMFsphericaluniform?FredMF (files) / emptywind984 (shop)
Philadelphia Minimalistcomplexsculpted?pseudoku (SCAD)
Kailh Chocspherical/flatuniform17.6x16.5
Kailh Choccylindricaluniform?
MBKsphericaluniform17.3x16.3Designed by Max Burger. Made by FKcaps and MoErgo (Convex, POM).
MCCcylindricaluniform17.44x16.45MoErgo (also in POM)
LPXcomplexuniform15.8x15.1levpopov (github)
DIPsphericaluniform?rotumoda (github)
PRINCE-uniform?rotumoda (github)
SQDGsculptedspherical?shoggot (files)
YEET?sculpted?shoggot (files)

Image: Some keycap profiles

Some older keycap profiles