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Common controllers for keyboard building 2019

Cheap controllers are one main factor making keyboard building accessible and affordable for people. From this aspect, Pro Micro is hard to beat with its price of below 3$. However, on some larger boards you may run out of the available pins and you have to consider other controllers.

Here are some common controllers for keyboard building:

Pro Micro18(+2)20$3$Atmega32U432K28K2.5K1K
Teensy 2259$7.5$Atmega32U432K28K2.5K1K30x18
Teensy 2.0++4624$7$Atmel90USB1286128K120K8K4K51x18
Proton C23+118$-STM32F303CCT6256K248K40K4K3.3V!
Elite C2418$-Atmega32U432K28K2.5K1K

Nano14 22?15$2$Atmega328P32K28K2K1K45x18 - just for comparison

ShiroMicro ShiroMicros by /u/elfmimi is a ProMicro clone with Mid-Mount USB Type-C connector. https://github.com/elfmimi/MMCProMicro Kép: https://imgur.com/a/7PU1Kje