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Lergo (ex-Kyfle)

KeyboardLergo (ex-Kyfle)
FeaturesAxel Voitier's Lergo (ex-Kyfle) project is an ergo split exploration platform rather than a keyboard.
More infohttps://www.reddit.com/r/ErgoMechKeyboards/comments/r1vawn/lergo_exkyfle_first_proto_batch/
Lergo (ex-Kyfle) by u/LexaAstarof
Lergo (ex-Kyfle) by u/LexaAstarof


As I am looking into getting my first ergo split, I was faced with so many options that I just didn't know what I wanted actually... I could have bough a few different ones and started a collection, but my wallet said no ^^. So instead, I started to put up a custom board stack-up heavily inspired by a few projects. And it morphed into an ergo split exploration platform that I think is worth sharing with you :) – u/LexaAstarof.

As Axel's project evolves, it gets more and more refined. I like the amount of details put on the silkscreen (cover photo).

So this "system" features modular design using bit boards. "Removing some keys is really just a matter of snapping them away. But you can still add them back later on. Swap those encoders around as well."

The default is the Kyria layout but you can adjust the columns or each key individually if you'd like.

The thumb cluster is also reconfigurable, cluster angles shown on the silkscreen in 5° increments.

GitHub repo (untested!): https://github.com/AxelVoitier/keebs/tree/main/Lergo

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