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Blue Ortho

NameBlue Ortho
DeveloperSouthPawEngineer u/SouthPawEngineer
FeaturesAn angled non-separate ortholinear keyboard with 6x4 halves.
More infohttps://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/92dqw3/blue_ortho_a_programmable_bluetooth_keyboard/
Resourceshttps://github.com/jpconstantineau/BlueMicro_BLE https://imgur.com/a/p3ZXnPM
Blue Ortho keyboard
Blue Ortho keyboard by SouthPawEngineer


BlueMicro firmware, which itself is a fork of Julian Komaromy's bluetooth keyboard firmware that utilizes Adafruit's Bluetooth HID libraries. This board has the necessary circuitry to recharge lithium batteries via USB onboard, and the same USB connection is used to program the board - the keymaps can be changed at will. Prototypes were built with low profile switches and with Outemu Ice v2 switches and an aluminum plate.

These keyboards do not have per switch LED's or anything of the sort, which I feel are not necessary in wireless keyboards. There is a single RGB LED however, which can be used as a low battery notifier and an indicator of the current layer.

This custom Bluetooth board had been designed with particular components that are low power, and minimize any excess current draw.