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Editor's note - Issue #16

KBD is about tinkering and learning (in contrast to consuming and hoarding) and this week's hand-picked posts show it again that even the most seasoned enthusiast can find new depths of the hobby.

What did I personally learn this week? As a clicky guy (for the crisp tactility) I wasn't really into more sophisticated sounds until recently, but the typing test compilations in the last two issues culminated in a keyboard sound database. About 100 samples so far but with regular updates and a steady growth it may become a useful tool in the medium term (related blog post).

Another thing this week I had first-hand experience with is a sore finger joint and bad hotkey ergonomics. Takeaway: keep observing yourself, analyse your typing habits and update your hotkeys/keymap/workflow if necessary.

I knew about the Diderot effect, but seeing the extended concept in action in the form of this cable coil holder (wtf?!) was still a revelation.

On the other hand, I wasn't aware of the Dunning-Kruger effect or magnet wire btw.

The r/mk census revealed that most of us are heterosexual young white/Asian male students from the USA without any income and relationship – eating French fries, listening to shit music and never posting and rarely commenting on anything. Or a much more diverse community without the willingness to fill out random forms.

And of course there were some great projects and inspirations this week again. Hard to choose one but I'm sure you'll find something for you: a strange keycap profile/system, concrete keyboard casting, a new podcast for those speaking German, plus many guides, STL files, git repositories to help you with learning and building.

The best you can do is to head over to issue #16 and see it for yourself.

Thanks for reading, see you next week. dovenyi

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