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Behind the scenes of issue 16

Revamped menu, keyboard sound database, tweaking of the entry pages, sound compilation entries etc. And issue #16.

I wasted my last week with programming the keyboard sound database. First I made it with Ajax search, then fully in Ajax, finally I had to remove every Ajax part because of an error. I'm glad it's published now and I can focus on other projects...

Small tweaks on various pages. Sound entries to KBD post wizard. New menu - as simple as it sounds, this may be quite complicated if you have several hundreds of archive pages with slightly different structure and styles.

The newsletter was sent out to 200+ subscribers from 30+ countries. I still enjoy seeing new subscribers from exotic places.

My magazine was mentioned in the 3rd episode of the Click! Clack! Hack! podcast. It's really strange (but thrilling at the same time) to hear about your project in a foreign language. At the uni I learnt German on a quite high level but never really used it in real life. Now I have a podcast to listen to and practice the language.


  • new top menu
  • typing test database new features: add to/del from compare list
  • sound comparison interface
  • ~90 typing tests added
  • sound database to post converter update
  • issue number and link on entry subpages (with about 300 features projects and posts I start to have hard times to figure out which project was published in which issue)

Thanks for reading. Check Issue 16 for some inspiration. See you next Monday! dovenyi

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